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Staff development

Business restructuring

Retirement planning

Vocational rehabilitation services

For Business

Contact us when you:

  • Want to retain and develop selected staff.
  • Are looking to make redundancies, and wish to support staff through the process.
  • Have staff nearing retirement, and want to support their transition.
  • Require vocational rehabilitation services.

We provide an outsourcing service to national HR consulting firms supporting staff being transitioned from their roles. We are able to work with staff who are either in the process of leaving, or have left, to explore career options and support them through the job search process - depending on what is required for each individual.

Do your think we can help you? In Auckland call or text Jennie on 027 295 9770, or in Taranaki Michelle on 027 640 9354. Or email us on info@purposecareers.co.nz