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Staff development

Retaining and developing good people is paramount to being the best you can be as a business.

We all know it's true: unmotivated people are not nearly as productive as enthusiastic people in work that gives them satisfaction. And it's a bigger cost than we like to admit to lose good people from our organisations - it's often too late when we realise we should have been "talking to them" earlier. This is often due to the fact that these discussions are simply difficult. Not for us!

Even if you have the luxury of an HR department, an independent provider whose sole focus is on individual career development can give people an amazing sense of being truly "heard", taken seriously, and shows an investment in their future - as a person, not just as an employee. It costs a LOT more to recruit than to retain, as you well know.

We provide an independent, future-focussed service. It may transpire that an individual should seek opportunities elsewhere, but if this is the best result for the individual, it is going to be the best outcome for the organisation as well. 

We would love to discuss how a careers service might work for your business or organisation.  You might have an individual you would like us to work with, or you might have a whole team. Or, perhaps even yourself!

A taste of what we do:

  1.  We often utilise an online assessment tool, called the Online Career Centre. Developed for New Zealand business use by Industrial Psychologists, this online assessment is used in large and small organisations. It produces a report for the individual, as well as a report for managers, ideal tools to use as a basis for discussion. It assesses four areas:

    - Personal and Career Values
    - Career Motivators
    - Career Talents
    - Career Preferences

    We meet with the staff members you are keen to support for a first briefing session and initial discussion. They will then complete the assessment in their own time. A follow-up meeting is arranged and we discuss the findings of the assessment in the light of our previous discussion and the assessment findings.

    It is possible for you, as the employer, to obtain an introduction to the Online Career Centre for review if you are interested. Just give us to a call to discuss.

  2. We can develop a programme based on your organisation's needs, depending on your goals for the work and the investment you wish to make.

To discuss how we could work with you and your staff, in Auckland please call Jennie on 027 2959 770, or in Taranaki, Michelle on 027 6409 354. Or email us on info@purposecareers.co.nz - we will get back to you within 24 hours.