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Business restructuring

It's a fact of life that businesses and organisations are dynamic, and need change to thrive, and to survive.

In times of change it's often necessary to modify your staffing structure, and sometimes this means some roles are no longer required, or are no longer affordable.

When the time comes to inform someone that their role is going, and they will be leaving your organisation, it's an extremely difficult time for everyone - for you, as the employer, for the people remaining in the organisation, and of course, for the employee or employees themselves.

If the redundancy is due to financial pressures the business owner is under massive stress themselves, and so it's especially hard to deal with the sensitive issue of redundancy.

At Purpose. Career planning and support we utilise both "planning" and "support" functions to work with people whose roles are being removed from your staffing structure. 

As trained career practitioners we are able to work with people through the feelings associated with redundancy, and on to considering alternative pathways and career options. We also support people through the job search, application, and interview process, depending on how an organisation wishes to support those leaving. In this way we provide a supportive, motivational intermediary service to help get through the difficult time after redundancy.

Typically, we work with people for between 4 and 8 hours, and up to 12 hours, depending on what type of support you wish to provide for departing staff member(s), and the investment you wish to make.

This type of service is becoming more and more common, and is an appropriate and useful way to show people they have been considered in the process, and are not just being "let go".

Many organisations offer departing staff members a personal counselling service, and this is an excellent way to help them through the very tough time during, and/or directly following, a redundancy. However, this service does not offer the practical support that we can, especially if people do not feel confident about the process of re-entering the workforce. There are also people who might not wish to utilise a pure counselling service, but who would appreciate the opportunity to get some direct support with the more concrete work involved in career planning and job search - counselling often becomes part of this process, and we are trained and experienced in providing this support.

Many people, especially those who have worked in a role for some years, are not aware of the transferable skills they have, and where those skills might take them. They are likely to be out of touch with the world of work, and will find it difficult to put their best foot forward to seek new opportunities.

In working with us, you can be assured you have provided the right kind of assistance, and it's very easy to build a programme of career support into a redundancy package. Staff we work with are always extremely appreciative of the work we do together, and feel motivated to move on to the next phase of their lives. Having an independent, careers trained consultant who is focussed totally on them is a very powerful ally.

If you're thinking career support is a service you would like to offer departing staff, please call us: in Auckland - Jennie on 027 2959 770 or in Taranaki - Michelle on 027 6409 354. Or email us on info@purposecareers.co.nz - we will get back to you within 24 hours.