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Vocational rehabilitation services

Vocational rehabilitation services

Vocational Rehabilitaton Services assist individuals in returning to work after suffering illness or injury that has resulted in a forced career change. 

In our capacity as registered providers to ACC and private insurers for vocational rehabilitation services, we are freqently called upon to provide the following ACC contracted services. 

Initial Occupational Assessment (IOA):

This is the first step in vocational rehabilitation where the client has lost their pre-injury employment.  The Initial Occupational Assessment identifies the types of work that may be appropriate for the client, taking into account their education, experience and training.  The Initial Occupational Assessment is undertaken to fully explore and identify:

  • client's existing skills, based on the client's education, previous experience and training, and the transferabilty of those into suitable options, and
  • suitable alternative options for the client

Initial Occupational Assessments and CV's are tools to provide a basis for rehabilitation, to assist in the development and implementation of a client's rehabilitation plan.

 Work Preparation Programme (WPP):

 The objectives of this programme are to:

  • Prepare the client for employment in the work options identified in the Initial Occupational Assessment
  • Increase the client's work readiness and injury management skills in an effective, timely and safe manner
  • Return the client to independence and/or work, and/or work readiness
  • Ensure that the client achieves the maximum level of functioning through the use of activity, physiological and vocational independence, promotion of self-management strategies, and enhancement of the level of independence in usual activities such as work.

Work Ready Programme (WRP):

The purpose of his service is to prepare the client for full time employment in the specified work type and hours agreed upon.  This service requires the client to complete a work trial to:

  • Test the suitability of job options and work types identified in the Initial Occupational Assessment and Initial Medical Assessment
  • Orientate the client towards a specific work type
  • Minimise employment market barriers to the client either returning to work or work readiness
  • Re-establish work routines, which will ensure that the client receives the assistance required.

Transitional Job Search Service (TJS):

The purpose of this service is to:

  • Assist clients into paid, permanent, and continuous employment that means the required hours and/or days to be worked that will prepare the client fully for returning to work.
  • Match client capabilities to suitable identified employment options and work types identified in the Initial Occupational Assessment and Medical Assessment.

Employment Maintenance Programme (EMP):

 The service objectives are to:

  • Maintain the client's pre-injury employment, to develop work readiness, and prevent the development of barriers for returning to work when there are no alternative duties available in the client's pre-injury workplace.
  • Provide services to clients to facilitate the maintenance of pre-injury employment, and durable injury management skills in an effective, timely and safe manner.
  • Ensure the client achieves a successful return to their pre-injury role, through vocational and physical rehabiliation.

Vocational Independence Occupational Assessment (VIOA):

 The purpose of this assessment is to provide an occupational assessment report of the client's sutiable work type options, by reason of experience, education or training, or any combination of those things.