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Purpose. Career Planning and Support, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Purpose. Career Planning and Support, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Purpose. Career Planning and Support, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Purpose. Career Planning and Support, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Purpose. Career Planning and Support, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Purpose. Career Planning and Support, New Plymouth, Taranaki


People come to us at all different ages and stages - here are some comments clients have made about how they found working with us.


"I saw Michelle to ensure I was on the right track with the kind of work I was looking for, as I was worried I was on the wrong track as I was getting a few rejections.  I also wanted help to update my CV and give guidance on application letters.  Michelle was fantastic, she gave me encouragement to keep applying for jobs when it was getting really tough and I was being turned down quite a bit in such a difficult job market.  She gave me great tips on updating my CV and helping it look great and really get across my true value to perspective employers.  She also helped me with wording on application letters and was a great help with this and always prompt at getting back to me when I forwarded her things to check over for me.   Great value for money : )"                                             


"I was a full time wife and mum at home with 3 children who were settled at school and I had decided it was time for me to look at doing something for myself. I had already made my own progress on what I what wanted to do and how to fulfil the goal. However, it was just a matter of seeing someone who had the knowledge and experience to show me how to rearrange and prioritise my daily life to fit it all in. So I chose to go and see a Career Consultant. This was the best thing I could have done. I went through all aspects of my life that affected me as a person, mother and wife, and other roles we forget we have, whether this us being involved in the community, school or friendships etc... As it was, I found out how much time I had and didn’t have to enable to fit in a part time course and give it a go. I have had to put some things on hold and work on only a few things at first, which was invaluable advice. It gave me the confidence to plan well and set up a good system to make it all fit in around everyone else. After starting my course, I am now well on the way to completing my qualification and ready to go out into the work force. I highly recommend anyone to see a Career Consultant, no matter what stage you are at on deciding what, how, and when you make your goals so you can turn them into reality. THANK YOU, Jennie!!"      


"I wanted to see a Career Consultant primarily to help me create a more professional and informative curriculum vitae.  I also required assistance with a cover letter which would support me to apply for a particular field of work.  MIchelle took a weight off my shoulders by collating a CV for me. It was exactly what I needed and I didn't know how to collate it myself.  She was friendly and helpful which made me feel at ease straight away.  The cover letter she typed up for me was well written and professional.  I have used it to apply for a job since."

Hogan McKee, STUDENT - YEAR 13:

"The career counselling session was truly a marvellous experience that left me with a positive and confident idea of what I would like to do for my occupation and future plans. Jennie Miller was immensely helpful in helping me identify my strengths and priorities as a person, and encouraging me to always ensure my occupation incorporates these strengths, and thus supports my happiness. By affirming that I could reach my dream job and that I was on the right track, she encouraged me to continue to work towards my dreams! She was an amazing Career Counsellor! I believe it was an invaluable life experience I will always refer back to when I am considering career choices. Thank you so very much!"

Cherry Williams,  CAREER-CHANGER:

" I saw a Career Consultant because I was not sure what direction I wanted to take in my career, while using my existing skills.  The help I received showed me very clearly where I should be focusing on my career development and the fields of work that best suited me.  I have now obtained a job in the field that Jennie suggested would be a good option I should start in".


"Hi Jennie. After some serious writing to Government Departments, I've got the go ahead and will be starting work with XXXX, next week. I got both the positions I applied for! I'm so excited and I attribute a lot of my success to the sessions we had. I really can't state that enough."

We're always happy to have a chat about whether working with a Career Consultant might help you. In Auckland call or text Jennie on 027 2959 770, or in Taranaki, Michelle on 027 6409 354. Or email us at info@purposecareers.co.nz