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Parents of a student

Considering a career change

Returning to the workforce

Facing redundancy

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Needing job search skills

CV Development

Needing job search skills

Are you starting to feel hopeless in your job search? 

Have you been attending job interviews and not getting the job?

In today's competitive labour market finding a job is a job in itself!  As such, you need to approach your job search as if it were a job; use the best tools, learn the right skills, and increase your chances of success. 

Simply put, our job is to give you the tools and the skills.  As career practitioners, we have extensive experience in this area.  For further information see About us (link).


If you are not experienced searching for jobs or

We can work with you one-on-one to help re-kindle your motivation and ensure you are on the right track with your job search.   Our programme incorporates four  modules that can be completed seperately or as part of a programme, depending on your needs.  


Goal Setting and Job Search Techniques

We understand that job searching can be a long and difficult process.  This module will allow you to set new goals or reaffirm your existing goals and concentre on continuing in the job search process.  We will cover all aspects of job search strategies and ensure that you are using all possible avenues to reach your employment goal..

Job Application Process - Letters and Online Applications

A good letter of introduction and a well written CV can move you through to the interview stage.  This module covers all aspects of the application process and will provide you will a professional and targeted letter of applicaiton.  You will also develop the skills to change this letter as you need to throughout your job search.   Since many businesses now ask for onlne applicaitons we will also cover this topic and ensure you are able to effectively market yourself through online and paperbased applications.

Interview Skills and Techniques

Employers often make a decision about whether they would hire you in the first 60 seconds of the interview.  This module will provide you with the skills to put your best foot forward and sell yourself effectively throughout the interview.   We will tailor this programme around your needs, and you will be provided with written handouts to support you following on from our session.