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These days work and lifestyle options are endless, which can make for a very confusing and anxious time for you, as a student.

At this point you probably know what you're good at, and some of the things you enjoy doing, but you're aware this is a long way from being able to make some of the major decisions ahead.
To help with this difficult time we provide a variety of services to school leavers and tertiary students depending where you are at with your decision-making:


Service 1: Exploring....you!

Who am I? What am I doing here? Where am I going?

We work with you to clarify your life and career values, preferred skills, motivators and job personality, to help you focus on the right career path for you. We utilise an online assessment tool developed in New Zealand to provide some of the information that we discuss in a one-on-one session that takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Your parents or other caregivers are welcome to attend the last 10-15 minutes of the session if you wish.

This is a confidential service where you get to discuss all your thoughts and feelings about work and life. We won't be telling you what to do, but help you sort out the myriad issues so that you can sort out for yourself what your next steps will be.

We can help you develop an action plan, or perhaps just help confirm that the direction you're considering is the right one for you - this alone can take a lot of stress of teens (and their parents!).

Service 2: Gaining momentum

How do I get there?

When you're relatively clear about your career direction, but need some support with taking the right steps to get there. If you're continuing study you may be choosing subjects, courses or papers. If you're moving out of study and into the workforce you may be considering apprenticeships, employment/employer options or learning skills to manage your career progression. Depending on what you want to achieve, we work closely with you to help you through the process. Please call us for a no-obligation chat to discuss how we can help you. A one hour session may be sufficient, or further sessions may be more appropriate depending on your situation.

Service 3: Job search

What do I do to get a job?

This is a very supportive programme, in which you will receive individual coaching, motivation and skill development over the space of a month. Our programme incorporates four one-on-one sessions, a personalised job search pack, and phone support for the duration of the programme. An outline of the one-on-one sessions follows:

Session One:          Skills and interest assessment and CV development
Session Two:          Goal setting and job search techniques
Session Three:       Job application process - letters of introduction and online applications
Session Four:          Interview skills and an individual plan

Service 4: CV Development

How do I sell myself?

It's tough to create a CV with limited work experience! Put your best foot forward - let us help you create a document that best communicates your true value to potential employers.
We can also assist with developing CV's and/or individual statements for other applications, such as tertiary funding, accommodation, training providers or particpation in community or overseas opportunities.





Sounding useful? Call or text us for a chat about your situation, Jennie in Auckland on 027 2959 770, or Michelle in Taranaki on 027 6409 354. Or email us on info@purposecareers.co.nz