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Returning to the workforce

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Returning to the workforce

Are your children now at an age where you can focus on you?

Are you wanting to rediscover your interests, skills and employment options? 

We understand the importance of balancing family and worklife, and the sense of fulfillment you achieve from returning to work and gaining personal accomplishment and independence.

Your working life impacts on so many other aspects of the way you live, and can be likened to a ripple effect in a pond, where your happiness - or unhappiness -  impacts on so many people around you - friends, family, and other people in your community. Our job as career consultants is to help you with decision making that takes you towards a satisying work life that impacts positively on other aspects of your life.

If you have spent a number of years out of the paid workforce raising your family, we can help you:

  • Discover your interests and values
  • Identify valuable transferable skills and experiences you developed before and through raising your family
  • Update and target your CV towards your chosen work
  • Assist you in balancing your work and life committments
  • Gain the confidence to re-enter the workforce in your chosen area
  • Assist you in goal-setting and planning to reach your chosen goal.


"I was a full time wife and mum at home with 3 children who were settled at school and I had decided it was time for me to look at doing something for myself. I had already made my own progress on what I what wanted to do and how to fulfil the goal. However, it was just a matter of seeing someone who had the knowledge and experience to show me how to rearrange and prioritise my daily life to fit it all in. So I chose to go and see a Career Consultant. This was the best thing I could have done ".  
                                                                                           - Julie, MUM RETURNING TO THE WORKFORCE

Feel free to call, text or email us to talk about how we could help you get get started on the new you! Get in touch with Michelle on 027 6409 354 or Jennie on 027 2959 770. Or email us on info@purposecareers.co.nz